February 24, 2015

The new face of Lithos Design

Let’s admit it: we all wish to change our look a little bit from time to time. Without losing our identity, we all need to feel that refreshing sensation only a new hair cut, a different perfume or a tie style we had never explored before can give. After all, those little changes just reflect our personal evolution, and when something grows up inside or around us, we feel that urge to let it show. In it’s 8th year of activity, it is time for Lithos Design to change its look a little bit, too. As we grew up, and more ideas were developed and presented to the market, we felt more and more the urge to show the vision behind the project, the personality behind the logo. That’s why we decided, as a first step, to add something precisely to our logo, and finally show our face.

And as you can see… it is openly laughing. No monogram could tell more about our story than this elemental, positive little emoticon of ours. We strongly believe in the power of smart laughing to enhance creativity, generate harmony, produce growth and keep focus, and we really think in this period there is quite a need for positivity to meet the great challenges we are all called to face every day. In the coming months, then, our small laughing face will start to appear here and there until it becomes, in our intention, the true, distinctive icon of what we devote our hard work to.

The more you get the more you want of course, so many new ideas will follow during this newly positive 2015.


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