Petalo marble dining table: Identikit

Name: Petalo

Top: round or elliptical.

Base: multi-material or single-material.

Finish: polished





Designer Raffaello Galiotto

took inspiration from

a blooming flower to design

our Petalo marble dining table.

The base is composed of

three rounded petals arranged radially

and slightly superimposed in

a kind of ideal corolla.

The hollow structure of the base 

matches with a  glass top, allowing

to make it visible as well as

the marbles selected for the table base.






Matter and design

create a sophisticated combo,

here strongly emphasized.









Petalo marble dining table stands out

for a wise balance between

imposing matter and a light design.

The three elements of the base

make the table asymmetric.

It means that,

according to the point

one looks at it, the table seems

to be always different, spotlighting every time

a diverse element of the base.





The three elements of the base

are mechanically assembled

by an invisible fixing system

that gives the sensation

it is the same marble base

to sustain the glass top.

The top lays on three

stainless steel discs, each

one with a screw fixing

every petal to the top.







The table

hows the DNA

of Lithos Design.


The industrial stone design

has been applied

to tables production, too, 

thanks to marble processing

with close to zero material wastage

and cutting-edge technology,

properly created and

perfectioned for this

product design.






Matter: marble and glass





The matter is


turning into the central

theme of this design.

The choice of the glass

for the top allows to

make visible the base of the table,

as well as the same marbles

it is made.




With the multi-material base or the single-material one,

the table base is emblematic of the culture,

the tradition and the history of every marble selected.




Discover all the versions 

of the Petalo design table!


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