September 1, 2011

Materia Litica Marmomacc

Materia Litica represents a new challenge for Lithos Design: getting design to cater to the needs of architecture. In fact, the Company and Designer are presenting a genuine architectural project at the cutting edge, offering a charming composition of modular stone elements (hewn stones) which are produced in series and can be arranged together in a variety of solutions to build walls, corners, openings and architraves. The resulting mood is marked by a strong sense of naturalness and matter, guaranteed thanks to the use of a material such as Travertine, a porous, stratified and solid marble, which is especially suited to external use as well.

Materia Litica is an all-Italian project from the raw material to the concept, from the study and implementation of technologies to production; it is also a challenge to the sustainability of marble: the shape is designed to afford minimum production waste and, thanks to their solidity, these hewn stones are also produced to be dismantled, re-used and re-built like those used in ancient buildings.

Partner of the installation: Travertino Sant’Andrea


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