Natural stone wall tiles in wellness centres

What’s better than a beautiful wellness retreat with natural stone wall tiles?

Autumn has arrived, the ideal time for a warm escape in the sign of wellness and relaxation. As our lives are chaotic and stressful sometimes it’s necessary to give us a boost letting tensions melt away. What’s better than a beautiful wellness retreat? A place where silence is the main feature of your wellbeing, a serene sanctuary, whether it is a wellness centre or a private spa.

One aspect to keep in mind when it comes to foster people’s wellness is space architecture and the attention given in choosing the materials thus allowing a positive contact with nature, fostering a sense of well-being and inspired energy.

Natural stone wall tiles for a wellness zone may appear a good choice. This is both for the ability of the stone to render that feeling of naturalness that dominates a spa and for its intrinsic characteristics: in particular, its strong resistance to humidity and to the creation of bacterial micro-organisms, moulds and mildew, then its sound-absorbent qualities which ensure the ideal atmosphere n spaces such as these ones.

Appearances count too and Lithos Design provides elegant decorative stone claddings for a unique and sophisticated aesthetic result, making it possible to find the most suitable style for any setting whatsoever.

Find out new spa interior design ideas and discover our luxury wellness and spa projects with our natural stone wall tiles!



Among the pictures: a project by D73, Stone Group,  Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners, Lee Harper Design&Artedomus


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