Luxury yacht interior design inspirations

When it comes to luxury yacht interior design, new is always in vogue.

If you speak to a yacht owner you’ll understand it’s not really about the trip and the shallow draft that allows you to reach areas that are off-limits, at least not only. And here’s the thing: when you choose a destination you are looking for something more and the accommodation comes along with the idea of spending memorable days and nights.

So we can say it’s all about the comfortable sailing experience.

It’s about sitting cosily in a distinctive sofa in the exterior deck area with a glass of wine, while the sunset breeze rocks you, watching the surrounding panorama and enjoying the crystal blue nature of the sea. It’s about living space, a dining room that can host a dozen of friends and family for the perfect summer dinner. It’s about a comfy bedroom, to give everybody space, a sort of private nest where you can relax and sleep. It’s about experiencing a casual lifestyle but always with a touch of luxury.

That is definitively the challenge: designing a type of solution that really fits a client-specific need and style but always preserving the customer’s personality.

So, yacht design is about giving people the luxury they deserve and the feelings they look for when they decide to plan or refit a yacht interior.

And we know luxury is in the details. This motif is quite evident when you look at the décor of the ultimate yachts: a broad use of natural materials, metallic decorative accents, stunning joinery or the perfect alignment of architectural finishes.

Speaking about natural materials, this choice appears clear if you think that they help achieve a result that is welcoming and functional at the same time. That’s due to the fact that they need low maintenance requirements, contributes to the healthiness and safety of living spaces and preserve their beauty over time.

Furthermore, we combine design and cutting-edge technology in the production of our marble feature walls, giving them a considerable added value. Our industrialization processes are also respectful of people and of the environment: the production does not require the use of chemicals such as colourants or varnishes.

The concept of “natural luxury” is becoming more and more preeminent, people are preferring quality solutions and natural materials. A real turn to our senses and to our body and soul too. More than ever before, people want to experience and feel their home with all their senses. Creating a balance between health and luxury, our senses determine the essence of the home.

So visit our Luxury yacht interiors” board on Pinterest and let these stone design ideas inspire you! And learn more about our Sanlorenzo112 yacht by Marty Lowe Interior Design project!


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