Knock-knock: autumn trends have arrived! – Part 2

Colors: Blue Navy
But Scandinavian style goes vintage, too, blending its moderate traits with nostalgic elements. Similarly, there is a chromatic eclecticism: pastel colors blend with bolder and brighter tones, like navy blue, already elected as the color of this season. A dark shade of blue that perfectly matches both traditional design styles and more contemporary looks.


Our “tangram patchwork” and “tangram artico” marble wall and floor textures from the “Opus” collection.


Colors: Gold
So, why not match this blue hue with another color of this autumn, gold?
This nuance stops being used just for accessories and starts to be chosen for all the other pieces of furniture, such as carpets and wall coverings, just to name a few.


Our “luxury 5” and “luxury 6” marble wall textures from the “Luxury” collection.


Autumn maple, copper, brass, orange and cantaloupe are some of the current must-have colors. If some shades are completely new, others are already riding the crest of success: all the pinks – old fashioned ones included – and pastel colors, in general, are confirmed for this season, showing them as timeless and elegant shades rather than short-term tones. They stand out if combined with metallic patterns, contemporary greys or even with black that creates a right juxtaposition, giving spaces impact.



Our “anemone perla” marble wall and floor texture from the “Opus” collection.


The 80s Fever!
Another trend that seems to not want to go out of “design” is the enthusiasm for the ’80s, known as the decade of Memphis Design, experimentation, brightness, boldness and contrast of shades and textures. Following this trend, designers don’t shy away from colors, opting for bright tones to enliven spaces, above all bold, autumnal hues that may be perfect for any room.


Our “piano memphis” marble wall and floor texture from the “Opus” collection.


It will be an autumn in colors, materials and nature, letting designers and passionates to play with all this array of possibilities.
With no doubt, it will be a fall to fall in love with!


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