Italian excellence in stone design gathers at the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan

The last few years’ trend is clear. Those companies who are devoting themselves to stone design or, in general, to highly innovative stone products, report that this most popular event occurring in Milan is probably the best place in Europe to show at; besides that, it also represents one of the best occasions along the year to meet architects and decision makers.

Even the most attentive companies in the sector acknowledge this, and are concentrating their main efforts in this event with ever increasing determination. Is it no news?


‘Earthquake’ by Patricia Urquiola for Budri


Well, marble is quite a new material for the ‘Salone’, traditionally considered as barely destined to floor and wall coverings, but such companies can count on a very important competitive advantage: the unpredictably wide range of applications allowed by marble and natural stone nowadays.


Marble tables by Zaha Hadid for Citco


Indeed, after playing an important role in the 2012 edition of the ‘Salone del Bagno’ with the presence of Lithos Design and Kreoo, this year marble and natural stone were shown in very different aspects: surprisingly enough, at Euroluce by Serafini Marmi Luce and again by Lithos Design, but also in the Design pavillions, with the beautiful, artistic, unforgettable installations of the companies Budri and Citco.

Different approaches, concepts, applications and methods, sharing though the use of a common material, and demonstrating that it can undoubtedly express such a vast spectrum of creative possibilities as few others.

Thanks to the efforts made by these Italian excellencies, which strongly believe in natural stone and its potential, the interest around the topic of stone design is growing every day more among designers and architects. And the topic is one we really care about… and we are sure we are not alone. We really hope we are inspiring more and more Italian stone companies, among those who are strongly believing in design and investing in innovation, to try this same path and help us spread word about what new technologies allow to do today, to develop a new interest in natural stone and marble. And we would really welcome any comment from the Italian excellencies we mentioned above about their personal experience and opinions!


Kreoo booth at the ‘Salone del Bagno’ 2012 edition

Lithos Design booth at Euroluce 2013


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