Decorative partitions in natural stone – modular and solid

Looking for decorative partitions for interiors, with that intriguing partially see-through effect but also with a solid look? Go for a natural stone one!

Here the solidity of stone goes hand in hand with the fluidity and lightness of the lines and perforations… everlasting and absolutely attractive!



It’s our ‘Muri di Pietra’ collection, composed of four models which are available in different stone materials and colours, so that they can fit to any interior context. What’s most interesting in these models is their modularity: two different module sizes are available, and their combination allows to adjust the height and width of your partition wall just as in modular games; an industrial product that can result in a customized solution, according to your wish and needs.

For drawings and spec details, our technical department is always ready to support architects and designers: you send us your project, you tell us where you want your partition to be inserted, and we put it in it, suggesting the best possible solution according to our experience and knowledge. Yes, it is really that easy… no more effort on your part than the one recquired to choose your model and material. Consult the Collections section on our website to learn more about Muri di Pietra.

Are they safe and easy to lay?


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