août 27, 2013

Stone Gate and the Verona Arena

Stone Gate, the work built by Lithos Design and designed by Raffaello Galiotto, will be placed opposite the Verona Arena, making its second appearance one year on from its initial presentation at Marmomacc 2012.

With Stone Gate, the ancient architectural figure of the arch, inherited from the Roman Empire, is doubled to form a perfect circle, a natural stone ring consisting of dry-laid hewn stones weighing 500 kg each, bound together in a self-supporting structure thanks to the sole force of compression.

The backdrop of the Verona Arena, one of the oldest, most illustrious and best preserved examples of Roman architecture, filled with the element which inspired Stone Gate, will offer passers-by an extraordinary opportunity to compare the old and the new virtuous use of stone, with a direct experience of it: indeed, Stone Gate is an « interactive » work, which the public can enjoy and cross, experimenting with it, having fun with it, listening to their voice as its interior amplifies it, opening their arms as if to measure up with the majestic allure of the work. Watch the video on Youtube!

Stone Gate @ Marmomacc & the City, Verona _ 25th September – 29th October 2013


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