A second event where our Company had the chance to cooperate with the University of Ferrara and Marmomacc fair; an active, experiential contribution to educate new Product Designers providing them with real skills in dealing with stone materials.

After Flexible Stone, Stone Verticality is a new exhibition organized by the Department of Architecture from the University of Ferrara within Marmomacc; the installation is aimed to display a series of prototypes made of stone selected from projects developed by students studying for a degree in Industrial Product Design. In this case, the exhibit focuses on “architectural design” elements, developed during the 2013-2014 academic year thanks to the constant collaboration between the Department and many Italian companies from the stone industry, and eventually exhibited at the 49th edition of Marmomacc fair in Verona, the international benchmark event for stone and marble processing innovations.

The course was dedicated to technical and formal study and design of stone elements that could be specifically assembled to become an integral part of an architectural design project, with the aim of creating new forms for items such as structural and partition walls or claddings for buildings and architectural spaces.

The « architectural objects » displayed during the exhibition saw students interpret the potential of different stone materials in the design and construction of modular products responding to the structural or decorative needs of architectural elements of various complexity – which were then enhanced through processing, modelling and treatments matching formal concepts capable of providing added value to the architecture where they may be installed.

The companies taking part in this educational project, including Lithos Design, interacted with students in the design stage by guiding the choice of materials and in the prototyping stage through the exchange of information involving 3D design systems, by connecting them to the sophisticated stone modelling softwares installed in modern stone processing machines.



Odon is a partition wall for interiors. It is made with Vicenza stone, using its three different nuances. Odon is manufactured through numerical controlled milling. The strong points of Odon are: almost waste-free production, ease of transport and simplicity. As a matter of fact the project is based on a single shape which originates the whole module, inspired by the natural form and array of rose petals.

Project by Medea Alderuccio and Nicola Mantovani


The RITMO collection joins versatility, low production costs and easy transportability. This modular system enables the assembly of columns or ornamental walls and is conceived to be complemented with an integrated lighting system. The Vicenza stone slabs are cut and preassembled in the factory, reducing the transport volume and simplifying final assembly.

Project by Eli Brandoli and Daniele Fregona

Stone Verticality – Department of Architecture of Ferrara – CDL Industrial Product Design curated by Claudio Alessandri, Raffaello Galiotto, Vincenzo Pavan, Gianluca Gimini.
Pictures courtesy of Raffaello Galiotto Industrial Design – materialdesign.it All rights reserved.


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