mai 14, 2014

OPUS: Made in Italy in contemporary Russia @ Arch Moscow 2014

The 2014 edition of Arch Moscow, the prestigious exhibition organized in parallel with the Moscow Biennale of Architecture from May 21st to May 25th, promises to be definitely interesting. Bart Goldhoorn, the curator of the Biennale, intended to shape it as a melting pot of ideas and suggestions about the new way of living in present Russia, which is constantly transforming itself.

The exhibition area, where architects will meet the market of products and materials, will then be characterized by its contemporary, high-quality, selective offer. This is the setting where the booth of Progetti Studio will fit in. From 1997, the studio proposes its design services and a huge offer of excelling Italian manufacturers; among these, one will find a range of the most outstanding Italian companies that, each one with its peculiar products, are reinterpreting the use of marble in a modern mood: from Antolini to Budri, from Citco to, of course, Lithos Design.

Just the perfect context where to present our latest collections, ‘Opus‘ and ‘Pietre Luminose‘, which were studied to turn around the way of using marble inlaid surfaces and marble backlit walls respectively, thus becoming true expressions of the constant transformation that creates new needs in contemporary living.

Progetti Studio @ Arch Moscow May 21st – 25th 2014 floor 2, booth 8-5


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