septembre 24, 2015

Lithos Design’s innovations in Munich for Architect@Work Germany

The latest Lithos Design’s creations are on show again. The inlaid design tiles « Opus », the modular backlit panels « Pietre Luminose » and the prototypes of the brand new textures developed for the « Pietre Incise » collection will be exhibited on October 7th and 8th for the leading Munich market place. Once more, this will happen within Architect@Work, the exhibition format that European architects and designers are rewarding more and more for its work-oriented formula and its very strict selection of products and exhibitors, aimed to present visitors with truly innovative contents.

Lithos Design will be at booth #72 together with REMO, the expert in horizontal and vertical design surfaces in Munich.

We will be glad to provide you with a complimentary entrance! Contact us to get the online registration code.



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