septembre 10, 2015

Lisca, virtuous stone design | Marmomacc – Verona, 30.09 – 03.10.2015

Lisca is the new work by Lithos Design and Raffaello Galiotto that will be presented at the 50th edition of Marmomacc fair, and specifically in Pav. 1 (The Italian Stone Theatre) within the Digital Lithic Design exhibition.

This vertical object is designed to become a partition where light is allowed to penetrate through. The work began joining two thick blocks of solid marble in a V-like arrangement; the blocks were then carved using CNC machinery, cutting through them along complex curved paths on length, height and thickness, thus creating an undulated surface. The machinery was led to act on both sides of the block, generating V-shaped grooves resulting in a double-faced surface made of sculptural folds. This way, the crests of these crimps met, creating several rhomboidal holes and allowing light to filter through.

This unique, fluid and fascinating piece will be displayed within a series of 12 experimental marble works, all conceived for the Digital Lithic Design exhibit by designer Raffaello Galiotto. For this research project, quarrymen, manufacturers of tools and machinery, marble cutters and software houses will showcase to Marmomacc’s worldwide visitors the amazing possibilities that the latest computerised machines for stone and marble processing allow nowadays.

Marmomacc Architecture and Design
Italian Stone Theatre – Pav. 1
Verona Fair, 30.09 – 03.10.2015


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