Wall texture designs never seen before with « tratto curve luce » stone tiles

A few original hints on how to use stone wall texture designs in interiors, to achieve gorgeous effects and add the most unique personality even to the most essential settings: that’s what we would like to share with readers today, talking about a project we had the chance to participate in.

Italian architects Studio G.Kappa based in Vicenza designed the interiors for a cozy, small seafood restaurant here in the Northeast of Italy. Once again, the result confirmed something we are constantly experiencing in our daily work: when the designer’s creativity melts with the originality of the product itself, unexpected ideas can be brought to life.

As shown in the pictures, the effect created by this peculiar use of our “tratto curve luce” elements – from the ‘Pietre Incise’ collection – is quite inspiring. “Tratto Curve luce” complements are single natural stone tiles modelled into a harmonious, curved slab recalling an arched sheet of paper, measuring 14 cm in its highest point, whose surface is processed to obtain the “tratto” pattern selected from our catalogue; these tiles, ready to install, are provided with electrical components, metal back support frame and low-consumption light bulbs: they become true spotlights on an interior wall, and are designed expressly to provide perfect continuity of texture when combined with flat “tratto” tiles.

On the lacquered, pure white walls characterizing the eating room of Norgje restaurant, the architects chose to apply single vertical stripes of textured stone coverings with “curve luce” spotlights, looking like white enlightened ribbons artistically set in motion on the vertical surface by invisible gymnasts, adding decorative depth and movement to the walls.

To provide a continuum to the vertical decorative mood, the same 3-dimensional “tratto” tiles in ‘bianco cotone’ limestone were also chosen to cover the counter and, unexpectedly, to be framed inside a disused door, where the 3-dimensional texture expresses itself at its best thanks to the presence of “curve luce” lamps on both of its sides, creating intriguing light and shadow effects.



Norgje is one of those little eating places where unpredictably delicious food is served by friendly owners, those little jewels that, we are “afraid” we must say, you can find in Italy and in very few other places in the world… We were just enthralled by the design concept, that architect Katia Giacomini kindly explained to us as follows:

We thought of this little restaurant as a container of materials and processing techniques deeply founded on the tradition of our territory: the Veneto region in the North-East of Italy. And yet, Veneto also represents Europe, the future, pleasure, and the chance to ‘savour’ with your eyes. When researching materials and finishings, we selected providers which may embody all of this, companies like Lithos Design whose products convey sort of a “future” feeling without neglecting our own history, which is made of textural materials, of ideas and of ongoing committment to what you do. We made the natural stone interpreted by Lithos Design speak with the Venetian Sown floor, with the lacquered walls, with the wood elements, so skillfully handcrafted by local artisans. As in a concert, we wanted to SEE some good music played.

Project: Norgje restaurant (Vicenza – Italy)
Architects: studiogkappa.it
Pictures © Norgje restaurant


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