Wall texture: also a matter of marble

How to choose the correct marble to match with a pattern, for a wall texture that combines aesthetics and function.

When it comes to marble wall textures, choosing the right stone to match with a particular pattern may become a hard decision.
Not because there are marbles better than others but because the range of stones to choose among is so assorted and diverse.
So how to pick the best one?

The first thing to say is there’s not a best one.
It’s all about selecting a marble that could better meet the requirements of the project with the wall texture specified.

So function, first!

Are marbles equally appropriate for both outdoor and indoor surfaces?
Which are the marbles that better perform outdoors or indoors?
Where will the wall texture be installed?
The humidity level of a room could indeed affect the choice of stone, so bathrooms or living rooms could need a different kind of stone.

Selected the marbles that properly meet these aspects, then go ahead for creativity and taste!

From the most neutral to the boldest ones and from the most uniform to the strongly veined, marbles may be so different and various.

All it takes is one glance at our new marble palette: Grand Antique, Verde Tinos, Arabescato Vagli, Calaccata Viola, Rosso Levanto, Rosso Francia.
These are just a little taste of the spectacular selection we provide designers with, allowing them to be completely free to combine pattern and marble, creating a wall texture fitting in the most in their spaces.

What about the wavy lines of the « Lembo » wall texture on the charming Greek veins of the « Verde Tinos » marble?



Or the passionate shades of French « Rosso Francia » marble that mingles with the lush leaves of our « Tropico » wall texture?


We didn’t put any limits on their selection, except for the actual impossibility to process them because of their technical and physical features.
Arabescato Vagli: a white marble with grey or almost pink hues, that was also used in the Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome.
Calacatta Viola marble that is from the renowned Italian caves of Carrara and Rosso Levanto from Liguria. The sophisticated French Grand Antique marble whose black and white shades are one of a kind, also like the Hagia Sophia where this material was extensively used. And so on!




We wanted to create wall textures celebrating this precious matter and the history it tells us, also through its veins and hues.
Vibrant and sophisticated textures meet the charming veins of marble, creating wall textures that not only decorate spaces but help bring new life in them, spreading dynamism and great force across.


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