Sustainable stone design: the ethics of luxury

Is sustainable stone design possible?
Yes, and also technically achievable.


Nowadays, the theme of design goes hand in hand with sustainability, becoming a crucial combo whose importance has increased more and more, over the years, turning into a matter of responsibility, first, and need then.
We are all called indeed to take decisions that are conscious and respectful towards the matter, and the tools we use, to create an everlasting design.


Chiffon – Marble wall covering for luxury interiors from the « Drappi di Pietra » collection.


Industrial Stone Design

Respect and love for natural matter have been our driving force in studying a way to process natural stone and create a marble design that would be technically sustainable.
Along with our Designer Raffaello Galiotto, we transformed this desire into reality, making sustainable stone design technically achievable.

Among the first, Lithos Design succeeded in introducing the concept of industrial stone design merging mass production to the uniqueness of marble, creating standardised products yet different from each other, due to the matter, they are made of.


Petalo – Design Marble Dining Table with base in giallo siena, calacatta viola and arabescato vagli marbles


Sustainable stone processing design


Through cutting-edge technology, we were able to optimize the use of stone, reducing the material wastage close to zero.

We designed our marble coverings, dividers, backlit walls and dining tables to get the most of every single marble block used.

The resulting furniture pieces become proof of the respect in using and processing natural stone, and they also become emblematic of what we define as a conscious luxury.


We wanted then to widen this particular attention to all the steps of this production chain, selecting marbles from only Italian quarries and using any size of blocks, reducing in this way both the environmental impact as well as the extraction activities of quarries.

We do love marble, and we keep being bewitched by the unpredictable veins and hues this material could have; but we are aware of its preciousness as well as limited use, too.

This is why we committed to creating timeless marble products that will stand the test of time and reveal their most authentic beauty as time goes by.


Tropico – 3D marble wall covering for interiors from the « Pietre Incise » collection.


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