Opus Motus- The Moving Colours of Stone

Ever since a young age, I have been drawn to this fascinating art form,
where skill, imagination and intuition are expressed on a canvas through colour.
I also attended some courses, to get to grips with the basics, to have a go at this form of art.
To be honest, my results were mediocre, but with a good deal of effort, it allowed me to understand
the use of techniques, of proportion and, naturally, of colours themselves.
And now, with Opus Motus, I’ve found out how much fun it can be to do painting… using the colours of stone.



So getting back to the point, to natural stone, it is universally known that

perhaps the most important characteristic of this material
is in fact its colour.
Nature has gifted us with stone, in a variety of the most incredible shades,
and it provides us with a palette of a truly notable variety:
the pure white of Thassos White
the pitch black of veined Nero Marquinia
the golden yellow of Yellow Travertine
the intense green of Verde Giada
the bright red of Red Travertine
the sparkling blue of Azul Macaubas
are just some of the purest and most intense chromatic expressions of natural stones.

Which, on the other hand, can beguile us by penetrating deep within the grain, streaks and shades, ranging from the brightest hues to the softest nuances, to the more neutral colours of Browns and Greys.

Mother Earth has truly been generous with the colourings.

Focusing on stone design, ready as ever to experiment with new forms to give natural stone a contemporary appearance, we could not forget about the dimension of colour. After many years dedicated to the shape, the cut and the three dimensional, sculptural nature of stone, Opus Motus hence takes Lithos Design down a new path, a journey through which the chromatic peculiarity of different types of marble meets with the ancient ability to inlay marble tesserae and to paint with stone, but in a playful manner, different from the usual way, with the aim of creating new, unprecedented suggestions.


What we are trying to do with our rotating circles
is exactly what the painter does with his oils or tempera paints on his palette…
preparing and mixing the various bases,
amalgamating Black and White to achieve Grey,

The difference is that our colours are not applied… we use the unique, unmistakable, warm, solid colours of Natural Stones,
re-processing them and creating new ones
through movement and the study of its effects.


From left to right: one of the OPUS MOTUS marble inlays; the wheel starts turning… and colours start mixing together; the resulting palette… at top speed.


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