Stone partitions to get the most of hybrid spaces

As spaces become more and more flexible, stone partitions have become a perfect solution to have the most from them.

Spaces are containers of activities and experiences. No matter which function they have.
If once spaces were delimited and defined by the function they had, today they’re more and more permeable, becoming flexible frames to design different lifestyles in.
Offices with the charm and warmth characterizing a residence, a dwelling used as a workspace: thanks to technology and to the possibility to work anywhere, every place may be the perfect space to work from. An angle of the living room, a little part of open space or, even, a studio close to the bathtub: each of them may be turned into the right area where creativity may flow and work may be done. Not only is technological progress widening our working possibilities, but also our daily habits are changing; new different lifestyles are getting people more independent in their work and free to move, designing spaces including new ways to live and conceive them.

Let’s think about hotels, for example. No more just an accommodation facility but residences are chosen by professionals who need spaces to live and work, doing business downtown during the week. In this way, presidential suites act as residential apartments offering all the amenities hotels usually offer.
With no doubt, a perfect and winning mix. Designers go beyond the satisfaction of clients’ simple requests and create real experiences through spaces that may be rethought and tailored according to its dwellers’ and guests’ desires and aspirations.

It is a human-centered design, putting first the creation of relationships among people who live them, above all in workspaces. Tracing a strong connection between space design and workers’ wellness, interaction and communication among workers are encouraged because these seem to improve their quality work. Workers should have a general view of their working space, allowing them to move without limits. For this purpose, wall partitions or stone partitions may be a good choice to create different niches in an open space, assuring privacy and letting employees be aware of what happens in the place they work.

The question is: how may we help designers get these hybrid spaces always smarter?

Providing multifunctional elements, such as our stone partitions, for hybrid spaces. These items allow to save space as well as satisfy multiple needs. Indeed, as the number of people moving downtown increase, fewer and fewer spaces are available, forcing designers getting the best with a more and more diminished square footage and saving space the most they can. So, what about combining light and covering for example? Wallcoverings in natural stone that cover, decorate and illuminate, including three functions in just one product. Our textured lamps, the “curve luce” and “coni luce” complements, that provide spaces with a textured source of light.

We are living an important turning point as it’s hard to try to categorize and define what we are living; everything is changing and it’s up to us to make this change an eternal evolution.
How? Trying to design spaces able to improve our lives, allowing dwellers to have perfectly tailored areas to live and not to adapt to. That’s we want to help create, providing marble wall coverings, textured lamps and wall partitions that may satisfy multiple functions, contributing to design smart spaces that rhyme with the hybrid and multifunctional concepts.

Among the pictures, a project by Kreatif Design, RD Jones, Michael Wolk Design, Frank Theuerkauf, Stone Group ©



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