Mechanical fixing and ventilated facades with textured tiles? Sure!

This is certainly one of the FAQs about Lithos Design textured tiles: can they be used to create ventilated facades and walls? Can they be fixed mechanically? The answer is definitely yes, and a perfect marriage between form and function can be achieved.

Let’s step back for a moment and say that, of course, Lithos Design tiles can be manufactured either to be installed with adhesives or through mechanical fixing systems; our expertise allows us to be just the right consultants in order to find the most suitable solution depending on the project.

It goes without saying that the two installation methods meet different requirements, yet in some cases the only way to proceed is to fix the tiles mechanically because of some key factors, such as the height a cladding must reach, or when the covering won’t reach down to the ground. If the project calls for mechanical fixing, it may be useful to know that there are at least two alternative options in order to install the tiles.



Manufacturing and fixing options

A ventilated wall will certainly be the choice when there are elements to be hidden or insulating issues to be solved. With a proper steel structure to support the weight of the stone tiles, a modular decorative cladding can be just the perfect solution to obtain both an amazing aesthetic result and a true improvement in terms of energy saving, above all if you consider the intrinsic, excellent thermal properties of stones and marbles.

On the other hand, when height is the issue and, to be more specific, when the wall to be covered is 4 meters high or more, we highly recommend a combination of adhesive and mechanical fixing, resulting in an higher degree of safety. The tiles are glued to the backwall and, in addition, each piece is anchored to it by means of steel cramps, usually to be purchased on site to ensure that the structure meets all local building requirements. In this case, the tiles will be provided with holes specifically created to lodge the cramps, with no impact on the aesthetics of the covering.

Both solutions, than, require specific processing techniques for the tiles, as it’s in Lithos Design’s DNA to make sure that products are as easy to lay as possible; however, in such cases installers with precise skills can help a great deal in controlling timing and costs, and getting the best of results.

Sketches by Roberto Antoniazzi. © Lithos Design. All rights reserved.
Top sketch: mechanical fixing and ventilated wall with Lithos Design textured wall tiles


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