May 3D wall coverings warm spaces up?

May 3D wall coverings warm spaces up?

Definitely! After all, it’s just a matter of finish!


Marble has never been conceived as proper to create intimate and warm spaces.

And this has never been so wrong!

With our 3D wall coverings, we wanted to lend a new and more contemporary allure to this material, selecting an accurate and wide range of finishes to emphasise the texture of this matter and explore all its expressive power.



Is marble a “cold” material?

When spaces need to be warmed up, hardly marble comes to mind as a possible material to make spaces cosier.

And this is due to the most common image we have of marble: a « cold » polished surface that is most suitable for bathrooms or as a kitchen countertop; certainly not for tailoring warm and intimate living spaces.

Since the beginnings, we focused on innovating marble processing, but also the way of conceiving this natural material, giving it a more contemporary twist.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we had the chance to pull out all the stops to introduce new ways of processing marble, also looking into a three-dimensional stone engraving. It is what lets us widen the range of possible finishes to apply, making each natural texture express itself to the fullest.


Tropico. Nutrowell centre by Rafael Borrego.


Just a matter of finishes!

Along with our materials palette, we identified a series of finishes, to further highlight the tactility and the qualities of the matter, boosting at the same time the indoor experience dwellers will do of them.

Thanks to 3D engravings, indeed, we could apply on surfaces not only the polished finish but also other ones that could highlight the matter and making interior coverings so powerfully evocative.

Let’s think about a 3D marble wall texture and how a honed finish could enhance the matter and every single engraving on stone, making designer marble wall coverings seem softer, smoother and with an embracing charm.

The matter is deeply celebrated in all its veins, hues and particular features, creating an indissoluble bond with the pattern carved out.


Prisma, Bel Air private residence.


So, let’s warm spaces up with marble!

With this range of finishes, marble has never been a material so versatile and able to fit in different interior styles.

Research and innovation have certainly built on marble design possibilities, making it possible to create spaces where marble may help tailor different atmospheres, moods and styles.

So, it’s not only a matter of patterns but also of materials and finishes.

We work with our clients to identify their preferred texture first, and then the material and the finish to match, to meet all their functional and aesthetic requirements.

Where will the designer marble wall coverings be installed?

Which is the mood or style of the space?

How are dwellers going to interact with space?

Got this information, we help drive our clients to choose the appropriate material and the related finish to complete their marble wall covering, making their spaces functional and stylish as they have imaged.

After all, helping turn a space design idea into reality is such a dream to us too!



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