Let’s talk about stone design! European Agents Meeting 2013

We simply couldn’t wait to share this picture…. today in Lithos Design the first European Agents Meeting is taking place. It’s quite an happening for us, seven years ago we were barely a Company and now the family has definitely grown!

The atmosphere is quite lively and we’re eager to start: some of them have been knowing us since the beginning, others are quite new, very experienced in the furniture and design sector but still almost unbelieving regarding stone design. That’s what we are going to talk about today, we are going to show that what we do is definitely no magic… it’s research, hard work, in-depth study into stone expressive potential and new technological possibilities. In short, we are going to infect them with our love for natural stone… and they will succumb, no doubt of it!

Despite the flight strikes, which unfortunately prevented someone from being able to get to our headquarters in Chiampo, we’re almost all there; not only our old and new Lithos Design ‘family’ members, and not only our sales agents, but also some affectionate partners, such as the Fila representatives who will talk about treatments and care products, or our italian and worldwide press offices, Busa&Associati and Ergo. And of course, designer Raffaello Galiotto.

We are sure we will have a lot to share after this experience: impressions, feedbacks, new ideas, and we will in the next days; for now, let us leave you and go enjoy the party. Indeed, that’s a little bit what Lithos Design is all about, luxury but not for luxury’s sake; actually, it’s luxury as a taste for beauty and uniqueness, shared by nice, easy, innovatory people.


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