Knock-knock: autumn trends have arrived! – Part 1

With the beginning of September autumn knocks on our doors reawakening, after the Summer Break, intuition and instinct in design addicted, spurring them to hunt for the latest autumn trends and what will characterize the coming season.
So, welcome autumn! Please, enter, take a seat and let’s talk about what will be trendy this season!

When we mention autumn, one of the first things that comes to mind is how nature deeply changes. Indeed, autumn is the season of nature, par excellence.
Astonishing color shades tint landscapes, the air becomes crisp and the desire to be pervaded with all this splendor increases more and more.
In this period, nature is one of the main themes, design focuses on: also favored by the Wabi-Sabi design trend, people look for being surrounded with nature also indoors. For this reason, natural furniture and natural materials are preferred not only to create spaces in nature but also to give them an authentic feel, then increased by the wear and tear these ones show when aged.

Wood grain, stripped timber, stone but also leather – a novelty of this season – are largely used in spaces. Also, fabrics and woven textures are preferred, due to their coziness able to add a warm touch even to the most minimalist designs.
It is then that a combination of patterns and materials may create an original mix to finish spaces.
What about matching natural stone with fabric textures, for example?
Many of our models, indeed, are deeply linked to the world of fabrics, showing designs that are strongly evoked by textile wraps. In this way, natural materials may acquire the typical lightness and elegance of fabrics.



Global Eclecticism
It seems that global eclecticism is the key word of this season: from materials to colors and styles, this season rhymes with mixing, creating a fertile ground on which to experiment.
Luxury seems to be contaminated with a touch of decadence, creating spaces and designs where Art Deco sophisticated curves and geometric patterns meet Mid-Century elements and lines.
Luxury natural materials are combined with brass, copper and velvet tailoring decorative details that play with nature and authenticity not forgetting maximalist accents, rich earth pigments and botanical, animal patterns that are on the rise this fall.

Our “bambù deserto” from the “Opus” collection in a lobby design by Renovatio


A global eclecticism may also be seen in interior design styles.
Oriental influences meet the most Nordic interior design accents, creating new decorative combinations and showing how the minimalist Scandinavian designs may become warm and full of colors yet preserving their Nordic allure.

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