Interior wall coverings with the many colours of nature

Interior wall coverings in charming colours, bringing nature indoors. 

When it comes to nature and the chance to bring it indoors, the idea that first comes to mind is to enrich spaces with greenery and plants or use them to create large green walls.
Nature has always played an important role in improving people’ quality living; a renowned concept also highlighted by all the design trends arouse over the years. Among them, biophilic design has further fostered the importance of the relationship between nature and human beings in spaces, letting them bring back to their origins.
Nature presence in spaces has being privileged more and more, also spreading green elements across.

Green has been so turned into the colour of nature in the collective imagination.
But if we look at it, green is only one of the many shades nature offers to us.
The pink hues that summer dawn traces on the bare rock, the emerald reflection of the sea, the reddish and yellow colours of the changing leaves in autumn.
Nature definitely can’t help but surprise with the wide colours palette it seems to create with, always different works of art.

Purple, blue, yellow, red, pink.
A rainbow of precious hues to choose among and spread across.


Interior wall coverings with a chromatic explosion. Our « allegro » poly-material model.




A feature wall shining like a ray of sunshine. Our « khadi » model in giallo reale.




Twinkling tiles evoking the cosmos. Our « tangram cosmo » poly-material model.




Purple veins for our « quadro » interior wall covering in calacatta viola.




The colours palette is so various and colourful to seem almost endless.

That’s why we’ve decided to further widen our selection of marble, introducing more vivid and lively stones.
Not only green indeed, but also all the charming shades of that rainbow of gems.

Colours of nature to finish interior wall coverings with.
Colours of nature to experience day by day.
Colours of nature with slightly different tones.
Just a natural wonder to never get enough of.


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