From walls to bathroom furniture: the three-dimensionality of marble coverings

What about marking, even more, the three-dimensionality of a marble covering, using it to clad not only walls but also bathroom furniture?
A new design concept whose epitome, the “strato teti” washbasin from the “Aquae” collection, will be displayed in a world premiere at the Milan 2018 International Bathroom Exhibition.

When we started to work with marble, we were perfectly aware of all the not yet explored marble design possibilities.
Mostly conceived just as a flat surface to finish bathrooms and kitchens, we merged the uniqueness of this natural material with an industrial design, creating a stone production in series that included wall and floor textures that were revealed, each one, as a unique piece.

Aimed to have the most from this natural material, after having investigated the design of marble surfaces we stepped forward trying to reach a more evident three-dimensionality of natural stone.
Starting from the bi-dimensionality of a wall texture, we separated the cladding from the wall, creating a series of curved lines then turned into wall lamps. “Complementi Luce” is the collection resulted from this first study that shows how marble textures may become a piece of furniture, even if they’re always linked to the wall.

Now, a new chapter is going to start: always in collaboration with our Designer Raffaello Galiotto, we further develop this design concept, trying to apply claddings not only to walls but also to all the other elements of a space: for example, let’s imagine a covering used to clad a washbasin, generating an actual piece of furniture that may be finished with different decorative patterns.
In this way, a covering is applied to a wall but also to a wall lamp and, then, a washbasin: three different elements helping create a design characterized by a unique and precise stylistic dialogue.

Our new “Aquae” collection is the epitome of this new design concept, showing an idea turned into reality: our “strato teti” washbasin is its first element and it represents a three-dimensionality perfectly balancing aesthetics and functionality. To express this, we created a bathroom design idea showing how a marble covering may become the main theme of a space, connecting all its elements through a specific decorative pattern.
Definitely, a new way of conceiving marble but above all the same covering concept, that will be shown during Salone del Mobile along with some other new models that will be displayed in a world premiere.



A new challenge that opens up many new possibilities in marble design and widens what we may provide professionals with: not only wall and floor claddings but also bathroom furniture, helping them realize a unique style in a space where every element speaks the same (marble-llous) language.

Drawings by Roberto Antoniazzi.

Video by Raffaello Galiotto.


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