Marble panels: a new textured vision of this luxury finish

What do you imagine when you think of marble panels?

A perfect luxury feature wall and floor to finish a luxury interior design? A refined choice for kitchen countertops, bathrooms or stairs?

Yes, marble is all of this but it is definitely something more.

In the last years, marble has made its modern comeback in the world of luxury interior design and architecture showing its many design possibilities in space design. Cutting-edge technology and on-going research allowed to make progress in marble processing, helping change the common vision of this natural material.

Indeed, if flat marble tiles were generally used to decorate spaces, today textured marble panels are really appreciated, too, widening designers’ opportunities and making their use easier and versatile in spaces with different decors and styles.

Through innovative CNC machines, we succeeded in developing a new marble design, carving always different patterns and textures out of these natural surfaces, whose abstract graphics and geometries try to meet the widest range of requests and needs. From minimal and contemporary designs to bold and more lavish styles, we turned marble into wall coverings that may be fit in in spaces in different architectural and interior design styles.


Residence Le Provençal – Show suite by Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners. Pictures courtesy of Residence Le Provençal.


Thanks to the translucence of this material and its possibility to be three-dimensionally processed, with our Designer Raffaello Galiotto, we combined the always different character and intensity of marble with specific and repeated textures, letting the uniqueness of this natural material meet industrialization processes and mass production. The result is a series of 3d stone tiles that are not only simple luxury finishes but feature walls helping create spaces with the wow factor.

A completely new marble approach was born, fostering at the same time a new way of using it. Indeed, some of these stone wall coverings offer designers patterns characterized by soft aesthetic effects that create natural frames or entire walls without the risk to overwhelm the eye or overpowering the decorations. Spaces will acquire a sober charm that will gradually change with the natural material over the years, making spaces alive but also healthier and safer thanks to the good properties of natural stone.



Yet strongly linked to the past, we wanted to refresh marble, proposing it in an innovative way thanks to cutting-edge technology, the desire to experiment and a creative enthusiasm.

So, today, the way we look at and conceive marble is completely different: not only a material of the past, not only a luxury finish, not only a flat tile. Marble is a natural stone with many meanings but, above all, many ways it may be imagined.


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