mai 31, 2013

ArchiDesignClub by Muuuz

The « Drappi di Pietra » collection by Lithos Design won in the « Coverings – Wall Panels” category.
For the first time ever, the ArchiDesignClub by Muuuz, the prestigious French design website, gave its 22,000 members – including architects, interior designers and designers – the chance to vote for the ultimate architecture and design products, split into several categories.

The editorial staff had shortlisted about 250 references – innovative, inspiring, beautiful, unusual, functional, smart, resulting from a unique know-how… a products range respecting the editorial line of Muuuz magazine. The members of the ArchiDesignClub community were then invited to vote online and express their preferences, thus defining the 64 award winners. The results were revealed during a Ceremony chaired by architect Mathilde Brétillot, taking place on May 28th in an exquisite setting, the lounge of the Grand Hôtel InterContinental Opéra in Paris.

Pictures courtesy of: ArchiDesignClub by Muuuz
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