septiembre 5, 2012

STONE GATE: design, technology, engineering

Lithos Design technology challenges the laws of the natural elements and their primordial make-up to experiment with new architectural aspects of stone.

Stone Gate represents a challenge that balances between mass, weight and gravity, entailing an articulated and complex design as well as an in-depth engineering study to guarantee the statics and safety of the structure: indeed, the circle is designed with a system of 20 modular hewn stones laid dry, combined in a structure that becomes self-supporting thanks to the state of compression given by the post-tensioning of the steel cables circling it and embedded in it. Every hewn stone weighs 500 kg, the total weight is then 27.300 kg and the total volume 6,5 cbm.

The cooperation with Staminal Stone, the Tuscan Company providing the raw material to realize this work, was vital to the output of the project. A great synergy was found between the two Companies, which looked for and discovered each other thanks to their similar spirit, to a common creative need pushing them both to delve into the hidden expressive potential of stone, and to explore his strong nature and identity.

The material chosen for Stone Gate is Bardiglio nuvolato marble, a compact lithotype of a dark grey colour with thin white-grey veins. Its colour is particularly appreciated for artistic, architectural and urban design applications. The styling and technological know-how of Lithos Design is also evident in the exterior surface of the work: indeed, the Bardiglio nuvolato modules will be finely decorated on one side with an ornamental 3-D texture designed specifically, to ensure perfect styling appeal from a formal perspective, with a strong scenic impact.

With these unprecedented projects, Lithos Design – with its in-depth knowledge of stone material and respect for its use – pursues, experiments with and advances marble in new worlds and ways and, in line with the spirit of the company and with the corporate philosophy, it continuously raises the bar of its know-how, the true secret behind the company’s success.

Concept & Design: Raffaello Galiotto
Engineering: Alessandro Serafini
Partner of the installation: Staminal Stone


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