Materia Litica

The project, presented at Marmomacc 2011 and winner of the Best Communicator Award, is the result...

The project – presented at Marmomacc 2011 and winner of the Best Communicator Award – is the result of a challenge the Company both put out and took on: an architectural project, whose technological know-how will give life to the new, revolutionary collection of claddings named Drappi di Pietra.

A charming composition of modular stone elements (designed to afford minimum production waste, and produced to be dismantled and re-built like those used in ancient buildings) which are produced in series and can be arranged together in a variety of solutions to build walls, corners, openings and architraves. The sinuous plied shape of these stones, created through cutting-edge technologies, allows designers to create their building according to their own creativity, and the material to be recomposed in an architectural shape.

Building with massive stones requires a new and revolutionary approach that could produce extraordinary results in terms of energy saving and the reuse of building materials.

Partner of the installation: Travertino S. Andrea


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