A new marble masterpiece where the designer and company strive to achieve a work of great precision and complexity; an exchange of virtuosities comparable to those of two Jazz musicians challenging one another in a crescendo of technical difficulty and excellence of execution.

A new piece by Raffaello Galiotto that Lithos Design showcased for the first time in 2015 at the fair Marmomacc, within the Digital Lithic Design exhibition.

This piece is conceived as a space partition permeable to light. The object started as two blocks of thick solid marble joined in a V-like shape; these blocks were cut using numerical control machinery which followed elaborate curved cutting paths on all three dimensions to create a wavy surface. The machine worked on the two sides of the block creating V-like grooves and moulding a folded surface on both sides. The crests of the folds then met to create a series of rhomboidal openings through which light is filtered.

The result is a fluid, unique and fascinating piece which is part of a collection of 12 experimental marble pieces, all designed by Raffaello Galiotto for the Digital Lithic Design exhibition, where producers of machinery and utensils, software houses, marble cutters and quarrymen showcase to an international audience the incredible possibilities offered by new computerised mechanical devices for the processing of lithic material.


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