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Projectos de diseño para interiores en piedra natural y mármol

Aquí hay algunos proyectos en los que tuvimos la oportunidad de trabajar, una verdadera colección de ideas para revestimientos de mármol y piedra natural (y no sólo), realizados por algunos de los diseñadores más destacados.

Lobby residencial

Perm de Renovatio

Un vestíbulo elegante y confortable para un lujoso edificio residencial en estilo Art Deco en Perm.

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Restaurante Go Meso

Estambul de Oguz Bayazıt Mimarlık

Diseño cuidado, luz y piedra natural, degustando una maravillosa fusión de cocina china e india

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Residencia Privada - Melbourne

Melbourne de Lee Harper Design

Nuestro modelo 'virgola' está aquí utilizado como puente entre viejo y nuevo, y para proveer un punto focal táctil para un lujo sutil.

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Sanlorenzo 112 Yate

de Marty Lowe Interior Design

Colores neutros, materiales naturales y muebles minimalistas para el diseño de este yate.

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Sede central Marmi Rossi

Verona de Marmi Rossi & Silvia Bettini

Para la renovación de este sede central fue elegido nuestro "sahara", que tiene un diseño general es delicado y armonioso en particular pero fuerte y expresivo en su dimensión modular.

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The Nassim

Singapur de Saporiti Italia y Studio Ventimiglia

The Nassim es un edificio residencial de 55 amplios apartamentos en el centro de Singapur. Para esto proyecto el interior de 5 show-villas está inspirado por diferentes ciudades italianas: Milán, Roma, Venecia, Florencia y Nápoles.

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Edificio Basalto, apartamento privado

Ciudad de México de grupoarquitectura

En el hall de entrada de este lujoso apartamento en Ciudad de México, "iride" fue instalado para dar la bienvenida a los huéspedes en la sala de estar, entre obra de arte y divisore decorativo de ambiente.

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Le Nouvel Ardmore

Singapur de Saporiti Italia y Studio Ventimiglia

Inside Le Nouvel Ardmore, a single 33-storey tower designed by Jean Nouvel in the prestigious Ardmore Park neighborhood in Singapore, "vello" is the background to the living area of this apartment.

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Aurora Place

Sídney de Andrew Loader Design Commercial Interior Fit-out

At Level 28 of Aurora Place, the famous Renzo Piano's office tower and residential block, the "fondo with curve luce complements" model was chosen for the main reception desk as the feature of the reception area.

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Sanlorenzo 86 Yate

de Marty Lowe Interior Design

El panel retroiluminado Rigel decora el Yate Sanlorenzo 86 combinando mármol y luz.

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Residencia Privada Bel Air

Los Ángeles de Malgosia Migdal Interior Design

A well-finished interior design project where "prisma" creates twisted and lengthened light games for a fickle and fascinating texture, according to the point of observation.

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The William Vale

Brooklyn, Ciudad de Nueva York de Studio Munge

From the lavish furnishing to the 15 ft. tall feature wall of carved marble, every pieces of Vale Garden residence - The William Vale’s most magnificent duplex accommodation - were carefully custom designed and layered to reach the pinnacle of urban luxury.

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Residencia Privada - Modena


Nature, light and square geometry for this modern kitchen with a fascinating and eclectic touch.

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Sede central Ecostar

Estambul de EDDA Architecture

Intriguing luminous threads engraved, for a marble wall that springs to life.

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Cadenzza Flagship store - Covent Garden

Londres de Anders + Grabmeister GmbH

A geometric texture, producing a soft and fluid effect, provides the backdrop to the precious sign and creates different figures according to the point of observation.

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Aaltos Italian Grill & Garden - Uppsala

Upsala de Stylt Trampoli AB

Underneath a modernist building by Alvar Aalto, architecture firm Stylt designed an Italian-inspired grill restaurant on the remains of a student union's old garden.

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Spa Privada - Moscú

Moscú de Studio D73

Surrounded by a green private wood, a luxurious Spa that blends nature with technology, choosing Made in Italy as the main theme of its design.

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Patara Restaurant - Berners Street

Londres de Superfutures

In cosmopolitan London, modernity and tradition melt each other in this restaurant design, where Thai culture and its nine auspicious trees are revisited with a contemporary twist.

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Ático privado - Ashrafieh

Ashrafieh de FNA & Partners

The refurbishment of a private penthouse in Lebanon standing out for a balanced luxury and the many features made to measure, among which our "tratto" cladding in "Bianco Lasa" marble, specifically customized for the project.

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PH-MC, ático privado

Ciudad de México de grupoarquitectura

Entre tabique y obra de arte: nuestra pared escultórica "traccia" en este espectacular ático residencial totalmente proyectado y amueblado por grupoarquitectura, un estudio de arquitectura que está capturando la atención internacional con proyectos en los cuales la innovación y el lujo encuentran sus más alta expresión.

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APM Monaco tiendas monomarca

Valuable marbles for valuables: the custom-made pedestals studied for the fashion jewellery brand APM Monaco by our special projects division, Lithos Design Source.

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Le Cirque / Le Grand Salon

París de Sylvie Hakim

A salon within a renovated restaurant whose whole design is inspired by the contemporary circus. Old and new, bare and engineered natural surfaces, plain and understated textures cooperate to achieve a unique style.

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Sede Central Skai Holdings

Dubai de Viktor Udzenija Architecture + Design

The project was mentioned as one of Viktor Udzenija's best in his profile created by AD Middle East for the first AD50 list of the best design professionals in the ME region.

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Villa Residencial

Dubai de AAC Interiors

In an exquisitely refined and contemporary private villa, white becomes textural in one of the bathrooms thanks to one of our most delicate stone wall textures.

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Zurich de Bel Epok

Bel Epok deftly transforms a landmark legacy into an exclusive modern emporium for premium care and fine fragrance products.

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Cuarto de baño James Bond

Miami de ODP Architecture and Design

The unique concept of a male powder room @ the Four Seasons Hotel & Residences

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Villa Privada

Doha de Jennie Bechara Interiors

A luxury residential project where feature wall coverings become, at the same time, the trait distinguishing different areas and the visual element unifying them all in a consistent whole.

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LEX at Waterfront Station

Washington D.C. de RD Jones

The interiors of the impressive complex previously known as Sky House West, after the renovation and the conversion of the two buildings into one of the most strategic high-end residential locations in the USA Capital.

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Grand Hotel Soho

Azov de wwtsproject

An ambitious work where the typical "marble is luxury" concept and the very high technical skills required to translate it into a true project find their maximum expression.

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Sky Lounge bar

Doha de Peia Associati

A conversion project transforming the last floors of the Kempinski Residences and Suites into connecting spaces speaking different stylistic languages

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Courtyard House of Stone

Trapani de Studio 4e

A villa surrounded by nature, defined by its relationship with the landscape and by an enduring link with Arab-Sicilian culture.

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Restaurante Baku

Moscù de Archpoint

Beyond ethnic style: a restaurant renovation recreating the peculiar spirit of Baku, ancient and modern at the same time, in the center of Moscow.

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Hudson Parade House

Sídney de Corben Architects

A project where additions and alterations have turned a very exposed waterfront double block facing west into an intimate oasis, enclosing the tranquillity and peace of its setting.

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Ritz Carlton - exteriores

Baréin de MASMARDI

A bold project for the refurbishment and renovation of the exteriors at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bahrain, designed by the architects' studio MASMARDI.

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The Room

Hamburgo de Frank Theuerkauf

“THE ROOM is a new, exclusive Lounge Club located on the ground floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg based on the concept of designer Frank Theuerkauf.”

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Golden Mile

Moscú de Studio D73 y Wellness today - Happy Sauna Group

“Spanning a surface area of 4,500 square metres and distributed over two floors, the Golden Mile, a temple of wellness and luxury which opened to the public in December 2013, is already recognised as being the most stylish and exclusive place in the centre of Moscow to spend time relaxing and pampering oneself.”

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Villa A

Catania de A-OMA

Villa A, says Arch. Alfio Faro, is the result of a double intervention: the re-use and restructuring of an existing house and a new extension close to it, with broad exterior spaces.

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Residencia Privada - Londres

Londres de Casa Forma

A bathroom project winner of the SBID International Design Award 2013, in the Residential / KBB Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom category.

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Residencia Privada - Lago de Zúrich

de Stone Group

Textural stone and well-being: for home wellness lovers, the must-see interiors of a villa completely studied to favour the energetic health of the olistic operator who lives there and her family.

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Casa para huéspedes

Moscú de Interior Market

A chalet-style interior design project, where textured stone walls become essential to define a very refined palette mood.

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Qela Store

Doha de UXUS

“Qatar Luxury Group awarded UXUS the mission to develop a groundbreaking retail experience for its global luxury brand, Qela.”

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Tienda de lujo 'Alma'

Kuwait City by D'fineline

A shop design concept destined to become an icon, the first of a series of luxury jewellery stores conceived to develop a new, prestigious brand.

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Sede central STONE Group AG

Uznach de Stone Group

A jewel of a Feng Shui luxury design office comprising a showroom for natural stones, located at the eastern end of Lake Zurich.

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Restaurante ‘Marciana’

Venecia de Driusso Associati

A project where contemporary design becomes the new interpreter of the traditional Venetian style.

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Demeure privée - Otopeni


The challenging interiors improvement of a 250 sqm private villa, developed by SMAA architects with brilliant ideas and bold decorative solutions.

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Residence Le Provençal

Cap D’Antibes de Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners

The rebirth of Le Provençal as 50 luxury residences represents a new chapter in the history of the French Riviera as the glamour and prestige of the past returns to the present.

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