octubre 10, 2016

Lithos Design at Médinit Expo

Médinit Expo Italian exhibition of design and technology for interior design and construction – is an exhibition organised in association with ICE, supported by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Morocco and sponsored by the Italian Embassy, where some companies representing the excellence of Italian products will be displaying their best creations.

On this occasion, Lithos Design will present a prestigious selection of natural stone claddings, including the brand new Tangram and Piano tiles (Opus collection), some models of the evocative Pietre Luminose line and a choice of claddings taken from the company’s most successful historical collections, Luxury and Pietre Incise, recently relaunched with new models and stones.

At the entrance to the conference area of the pavilion the Company will also display Brickbreak, a flashy mechanical vertical spinning top whose circle, made of inlaid colourful marbles, starts to turn on itself at progressive speed when activated by a lever. The natural colours of the stones blend, amalgamating and forming new original ones in an explosion of movement. Brickbreak is part of a series of installations/experiments realized by Lithos Design to explore the world of marble and investigate new expressive routes.


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