Wabi-Sabi design: the rediscovery of imperfection

More and more passionate about design and professionals in the field opt for the Wabi-Sabi design style and its suggestive and elegant atmospheres to complete spaces. Defined as the 2018 design trend, Wabi-Sabi is attracting attention thanks to the namesake philosophy it is based on that celebrates the imperfection of life as well as of its elements.

A completely new approach that also permeates the same spaces people live. Not shown as flawless snap-shots anymore, they have become instead elements that live and are enhanced by their same imperfection. Spaces stop being simple boxes of people and things and become actual elements that live through their dwellers who complete and define them, writing a story of which they are the co-stars.

Every element of a space is alive as well as every finishing. In this way, natural materials are preferred among all the materials to finish spaces because they are alive and can pervade the whole area with a sense of authenticity. They help create environments that are different and may change over time. This feature makes natural materials and natural stone unique and uniqueness is one of the main traits Wabi Sabi underlines the most: the fact that every element of a space is never the same over time make it charming and worth admiring. With this new perspective, a changeable element stops been conceived imperfect and becomes extremely interesting, turning this feature into its best quality.


Our “tratto” marble wall covering from the “Pietre Incise” collection


Consequently, imperfection loses its negative meaning and becomes a synonym of uniqueness. Let’s think about stone and how its colors and veins change over time, making every slab different from another one and for this reason so charmingly unique and in continuous change.

Living with stone means sharing spaces that continuously change also because of the millennial history every slab of stone boasts that becomes the integral part of the spaces it finishes. But stone wall coverings aren’t only linked to the past. They may also represent innovation. In the specific case of our stone wall coverings, for example, the millennial history has met the utmost innovation in stone processing, creating an industrial stone design capable of carving refined textures out of stone in a very smart and sustainable way.


Our “chiffon” marble wall covering from the “Drappi di Pietra” collection


Now, let’s image the pleasure of entering a space, walk through it and touch the stone wall textures covering the walls and floors; with Wabi-Sabi, the rediscovery of imperfection led to a more essential perspective of what is around: every element reveals itself, its beauty and its unique imperfection. It seems that there is the need to unveil the elements through their true essence. It’s a path towards the authenticity and this research starts from the origins of things, to give them (again) their so genuinely flawed new identity.


Our Wabi-Sabi design board on Pinterest 


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