Translucent stone? Yes, and not only onyx…

“As hard and rough as it is workable, stone undergoes transformation processes that cause it to appear in apparently completely contrasting forms: thin or thick, light or extremely heavy, dark and opaque or translucent, rough and uneven or smooth and honed”.

I happened to read this sentence, from the beautiful volume by Veronica Del Buono about our designer Raffaello Galiotto. And it made me smile, because the essay was written last year and, ’till that moment, we had experienced and shown only the ‘opaque’ face of stone. And now…

After just one year, we’re about to present a new collection where the protagonist is marble translucency: a line of translucent stone panels, with backlight playing with marble texture and 3D decorations. Many know of the wonderful effects created by precious, ultrathin onyx slabs combined with light, but did you know that some marbles have astonishing, absolutely delighting translucent properties? Rather unexpectedly, one of these is the most popular of italian marbles, Carrara. We will show you more about this in the coming weeks!


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