Stone partitions and dividers for small (and large) spaces

Stone partitions and dividers for small and large spaces.

Decorating small spaces can look challenging but it’s becoming a need due to the constantly increasing urbanization and the consequent trend to build taller and smaller. This leads to design tiny yet very luxury spaces and come up with innovative ways to allow inhabitants to enjoy the best possible living experience. Some ingenious projects also include functional room dividers, a simple yet smart object to separate existing areas without dividing them, create ornamental barriers and organise exclusive spaces.
In the” Lex At Waterfront Station” project by RD Jones every element is studied to maintain a classy, stylish mood and at the same time functional and liveable. Natural materials and high-tech solutions are wisely mixed to obtain the desired result, starting from the elegant concierge desk and its backdrop, here created with our “traccia” stone divider from the “Muri di Pietra” collection.



Even lofts can benefit from stone partitions. As open living spaces with big and luminous areas, they can preclude some privacy though. A divider can visually separate their different zones and provide more functional private sectors.

In this luxurious private apartment by grupoarquitectura in Mexico City, our “iride” marble partition was installed to welcome guests in the living area, between art-work and modular marble divider, defining the room and setting the entrance hall aside into a cosy space.



Our “traccia” marble partition has been installed right behind the dining table of this private penthouse by grupoarquitectura, defining the room and creating an intimate and secluded corner, giving more character to this space. The stone partition does not go unnoticed and, at the same time, it is light-weight thanks to the harmonious and open-work lines which make it unexpectedly delicate.



Lithos Design modular stone partitions are an easy and ready-to-use modular solution at the complete disposal of the designer. They are permeable-to-light marble dividers that help create airy spaces yet guaranteeing dwellers’ privacy.

Lithos Design provides architects and designers with two collections of marble dividers:

Diaframmi is a collection of modular marble partitions. Fine 3D marble membranes teamed with steel, used to frame each individual module, devised both to lend stability as well as to help compose the wall which can be assembled easily depending on the design requirements, even allowing flexible angle solutions.

Muri di Pietra is a line of modular, self-supporting stone partitions and dividers; here the wall is conceived as a functional element as well as a decorative feature, they can be height and width adjusted, starting with the standard module sizes.

Project pictures © RD Jones and grupoarquitectura


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