Luxury marble wall textures to “fall” in love with

Autumn is the season to fall in love most easily. Thanks to its vivid colours and nostalgic atmospheres, the autumn landscapes enchant everyone, from the most to the less romantic spirits. So why not bring its hues and scents indoors through our luxury marble wall coverings?

As the weather becomes crisper and we pull out our scarves, warm spaces to nestle in are what we dream of the most; even better if cuddled up on a sofa, with a cosy blanket and a cup of hot tea.

All of us know that it doesn’t take long for all the leaves to fall off the trees, so we tried to pause this fleeting magic moment and make it last forever. We picked up a range of luxury marble wall coverings of ours to finish spaces with and let autumn vibes spread across.

Let’s image to move across space and deeply breath the scents of nature indoors; that lively sense of wellness and happiness that we usually experience when surrounded by endless natural landscapes. Now, let’s combine this wellbeing with the pleasure to, also, see and live the range of colours only natural stone may reveal.

From reddish to violet hues, these luxury marble wall coverings authentically evoke the colours of the autumn season, making it easy living in and with nature indoors.

Shades of fresh yellow, vivid red and games of earthy tones create feature walls warming up spaces and letting them smell of autumn.


Our “khadi” marble wall texture from the “Pietre Incise” collection.


Moduli tridimensionali in marmo “Giza” dalla collezione “Pietre Incise”.


Our “Tangram Ginger” marble wall and floor texture from the “Opus” collection.


Our “Allegro” marble wall and floor marble cladding from the “Opus” collection.



Our “Luxury Ribes” marble wall texture from the “Dissonanze” collection



Our “Luxury Akabia” marble wall texture from the “Dissonanze” collection.




Our “Luxury Tartufo” marble wall tiles from the “Dissonanze” collection. 


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