Lithos Design, 10 years full of marble design

It’s time for us to do an analysis of our marble design adventure and become aware of our growth, always with an eye to future projects: ten years are an important goal for any company and Lithos Design celebrates its first 10 years of marble design today.

This is a story of two brothers and a designer and their passion for stone, merging industrialisation processes and mass production; the result is a novel offering of modular architectural solutions that are ready for use. Indeed, back in 2007 Lithos Design has been one of the leading companies to have introduced the concept of industrial stone and marble design.

A story of marble and natural stone, innovative industrial processing, Made in Italy. These features are the basis of our collections, which develop from several concepts.

Tridimensionality, as moving geometries, textures which are both charming and mutable, light games and optical effects, for our first iconical collection Pietre Incise and the following ones, Pietre Incise Palladio, Nuance and Pietre Luminose.
Color, colourful patterns with chromatic effects to brilliantly combine with interiors in different styles, for our Luxury and Opus collections
Smartness, smart and light textures are quickly processed and delivered in large quantities at contained costs for our Cesello and Rilievo collections
Partition, modular partitions conceived as functional elements as well as decorative features, represented by our Muri di Pietra, Drappi di Pietra and Diaframmi collections
A story of continuous renewal, as 2016 is a very important year for us. We gave birth to two new divisions: Lithos Design Domino and Lithos Design Source, alongside the already existing Lithos Design Primes, to complete our offer. We also launched our new logo and even more user-friendly website. The new logo presents the monogram LD as their common element, presented in the form of smileys. This face that laughs out loud has created the distinctive value we believe in: a very positive attitude, and the power of laughing.

A story of passionate people, constant experimentation and innovation that we really want to share with you for this tenth anniversary. And for the occasion, we thank all those who helped us to grow and made it possible, giving us confidence and support.

Happiness, gratitude, and deep satisfaction: these feelings are accompanying us in this important recurrence and they are what we will take with us for the future plans that are waiting for us!

Happy birthday Lithos Design and many more to come!

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