Design tables make their debut in Lithos Design

September rhymes with great news! For the first time ever, new marble tables for the living room made their debut in Lithos Design world.

Definitely, a step forward for Lithos Design that marked a turning point in its company history, widening with a brand-new range of tables, its already recognized and much-appreciated production of coverings, dividers and backlit walls

Impressive news that derives from the company’s distinguishing desire to always go forward and undertake new challenging paths.

Strong of its original way of conceiving and processing marble, Lithos Design and Designer Raffaello Galiotto wanted to apply its innovative design approach also to this new line of marble tables, pouring into them all its know-how, research and innovation.


The Petalo and Elitra design tables for the living room are the two stars of this great debut.




Two design high-design tables that confirm and show all the features that have always characterized Lithos Design products and for which the company has been recognized for, since its beginnings.

Nature and Design merge again to create tables that combine the strong visual impact of matter with the lightness of design, highlighting a luxury and precious marble palette and a mix of different refined materials.

For each table, indeed, different decorative options are available, to better meet the needs and decorative requests of designers.

Bases may vary according to the marble chosen among the range of materials offered, while the tops are available in different dimensions and shapes.

The result is stunning, giving a contemporary allure to these tables, always designed for the maximum savings of the stone material.


The Petalo and Elitra tables represent a new path in the company history that could have been undertaken thanks to the study and research the company made over these years.

And what has come out so far, it’s a mesmerising and stunning result.


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