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Refined and innovative wall design and decoration must not mean complicated installation systems, even when you are dealing with natural stone and marble. We put a lot of effort in making the fitter’s life as easy as possible, with consequent joy and satisfaction for both the Architect / Interior Designer and the end Customer.

Indeed, our technical department is constantly answering what we may now call our FAQs regarding the installation of Lithos Design textured stone tiles, providing easy answers about how to fix the backlit modules of the ‘Pietre Luminose’ collection, how to make 45° corners with the ‘Le Pietre Incise’ patterned tiles, if a baseboard is needed or not… and providing plans and drawings to illustrate each solution.

And here’s another point that is worth considering. Architects and Interior Designers keep discussing about the importance of hand-sketching in the contemporary, digital world. Many still think that sketches should precede CAD drawings as a much useful step to transform thoughts into real ideas, and as a friendlier way to present a proposal to their clients. The topic is hot, we think for instance of all the very active discussions on the subject that can be followed on several professional groups on Linkedin, like these recent and very popular ones on ARCHITECT and Architecture (these are member-only groups, you may be happy to take the chance and join in if you are not a member).

We definitely agree, and sometimes we do it ourselves. We have the chance to have an Area Manager in our staff who is quite good at sketching, too, and who enjoys illustrating some proposals with his hand-made drawings, which will then become CAD plans once the designer has chosen the most suitable solution. We like them very much… and that’s why we decided to create this gallery of illustrated answers to our FAQs: our own Art-technical instructions.

Wishing to receive yours? Send us a request!

All sketches by Roberto Antoniazzi. © Lithos Design. All rights reserved.

Which thickness do your decorative stone wall panels have?
If the ‘Drappi di Pietra’ models are curve and 2 cm thick, how do you fix them?
So you can provide curve textured spotlights for your patterned walls. Are they difficult to install?
Your translucent stone walls are modular? How are they fixed then?
What if I make a wall niche? Can I still use ‘Pietre Luminose’ translucent tiles?
Is mechanical fixing possible with your stone decorative tiles?
Is mechanical fixing feasable with your ‘Drappi di Pietra’ textures?
How do I insert a baseboard with your textured tiles?
Can you also tile corners with your decorative wall panels?
Are ‘Pietre Incise’ textures the only ones I can use to tile 45° corners?
Then am I free to choose any one of your design stone coverings to tile corners?
But how would the patterned wall look if there is a door in it?
Can you tile corners with your ‘Luxury’ stone wall designs?
Is it possible to make a curve wall with textured stone tiles?
Can I decorate a staircase wall with your tiles texture designs?
How may I use your stone decorative patterns on a staircase wall?
How is your ‘Onda’ decorative partition finished?
But how would your decorative stone partition ‘traccia’ look, compared to human scale?
What’s the thickness of your “Pietre Incise Curve Luce” wall lamps? And that of your standard textured tiles?
Can you resume the different standard sizes of your several stone patterns?
What if I combine your textured wall tiles with some non-patterned details of the same material? Would you be able to supply them?
Design ideas: bar counter with decorative stone texture
Design ideas: backlit bar counter with marble translucent tiles
Design ideas: bathroom decorative wall, bathtub area
Design ideas: bathroom decorative wall, shower area
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Design ideas: tiling solutions for different fireplace designs
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Design ideas: bedroom divider with a stone decorative cladding
Design ideas: stone wall design for exclusive bedrooms
Design ideas: decorative wall panels to make an understairs area unique
Design ideas: interior wall panels for living areas
Design ideas: light walls in translucent stone for living areas
Design ideas: showroom corners proposals
Design ideas: showroom corners proposals
Design ideas: showroom corners proposals
Design ideas: showroom corners proposals


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