Backlit tiles for Hotel interiors: aesthetic and a large marble supply

The challenging case of Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower Panamá, for which we provided our “mizar” backlit tiles for hotel interiors, granting an accurate material choice, even if in large quantities.

This means that aesthetic must always come with the choice of the right solution in terms of both technical features and material availability. This might look like a headache when working with large quantities of natural material, as in the Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower Panamá case.

The Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower Panamá is a luxurious tower with 30 floors and 285 luxury rooms and suites on 21 floors and is located in the heart of the financial center of Panama City. Its architecture and avant-garde interior design are created by the renowned architect Carlos Ott.

For this project, the practice was looking for a visually striking product to cover the elevator lobbies of 27 floors. The designers were seeking something with backlighting, for a high-impact style with modern and clean lines; this would perfectly marry the contemporary design of the building.

Given the fact that we were working on such a big assignment, we had to take into account other two elements, the ease of maintenance and the overall budget.

The design phase went ahead and several proposals of marble wall coverings were assessed.

In the end, they chose our “mizar” in Carrara Ghiaccio from the “Pietre Luminose” collection, backlit tiles for hotel interiors with rhythmic horizontal lines that look like tenuous stars’ flashes made of translucent stone.

The production stage is as much important as the design one and, to me, it is essential to captivate my clients so that they can feel directly involved during this phase despite the distance (which, in this case, was no less than 9.384,58 km!).

For this project, a crucial process turned out to be the selection of the material. As a natural stone, marble finishes might marginally diverge even the same slab. You can imagine the difficulty to find almost 170 sq.m. of marble displaying the same colour tone and veins!

The Carrara Ghiaccio tiles would be installed on different floors so we could have used marble of slightly different tone anyway just by employing the same shades on the same floor. Nonetheless, for such a luxury interior stone design project we absolutely wanted to find a way to grant the best possible homogeneity, even though the marble had to be put in areas far from each other.

In addition to colour uniformity, we wanted to select slabs with the presence of several fine veins, because “Pietre Luminose” was studied purposely to display the marble ‘history’ through its veins. These are nothing but the traces left by past lives: organisms incorporated inside Earth during the long formation process of the stone, such as animals and plants of past ages.

For this reason, our technical team led by our Production Manager Claudio Bevilacqua, went to Carrara to source the right selection of Carrara Ghiaccio marble directly from the quarry. After a few days, I was excited to inform our client that the material was about to get to our production site, ready to be processed.

It is always a pleasure for me to give such good news to our clients. I feel like I can relieve the pressure on them, as they have to take care of so many aspects! While, for us, it is definitely a satisfaction contributing to the realization of such amazing projects, especially because they let us deal with our passion: natural stone!

I look forward to visiting the hotel personally, having the chance to appreciate the style of this project and the effect of the “mizar” backlit wall covering and, why not, a good welcome umbrella drink.


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