marzo 13, 2013

ANTARES: stone brought to LIGHT

ANTARES is a new and seductive product configuration, a back-lit modular 3-dimensional stone covering where light drives the design and the design directs the light into fascinating luminous and ornamental effects. Preview at EUROLUCE 2013 – Milan, 9th – 14th April, pav. 9 booth #A09.

Novel and surprising, the idea has been created from the sophisticated combination of design, the processing of surfaces across three dimensions, and thorough research into illumination techniques applied to the translucent properties of marble.

With Antares, walls spring to life. Light enchants and enhances every facet of the design, goes all over and reveals every difference in the slope, in the thickness and in the cut of the stone, highlighting the multiplicity of the worked surfaces. Light penetrates and passes through the natural element, revealing its most sensual and intimate soul. As a result, the marble is fully revealed, it shows off the harmony of its inner layers, and it displays unexpected colours as it returns a soft and suffused light to its surroundings, which in turn acquire a strong scenic personality of their own.

Antares is a cladding that provides a multi-purpose aesthetic effect: it has a strong impact even without back-lighting, and produces its maximum expression when back light and grazing light are combined. Each module (60×60) comes equipped with a luminaire that contains an independent fluorescent light source in order to ensure that normal maintenance is practical and easy. Furthermore, the independent light source included in each module ensures that the back-lighting is uniform, so that the aesthetic result is impeccable.

Antares is part of the new collection entitled “Pietre Luminose” which comprises 8 models that have taken the name of stars: Antares, Vega, Mizar, Rigel, Sirius, Alcor, Naos and Polare. Their design, arranged in all-over patterns that were studied taking into account the modularity and the multi-functionality of the claddings, can be inscribed into 3 different style types: organic shapes, open curved lines and geometric or linear shapes.

“Pietre Luminose” represents another step in the enthusiastic productive research into the expressive possibilities of stone carried out by Lithos Design, one of the most innovative up-and-coming companies in the arena of top-level design and technology stone cladding. As regards technology in particular, the most recent collections have prompted the company to incorporate and co-participate in other areas of technical know-how in order to propose novel and highly satisfying turnkey decorative solutions to architects and interior designers.

Design Raffaello Galiotto


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