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Our Stones

Lithos Design works only with natural stones and marbles, it does not use agglomerates and synthetic or manufactured stones.

A Natural Thinking philosophy to create healthier and safer spaces: natural stones are not inflammable, they do not get electrostatically charged, they do not encourage the development of bacteria and fungi and, especially when used as claddings, they also improve the acoustic quality of any setting, further enhanced by our peculiar 3d textures which provide a broader contact surface with the incidental wave.

A Green Thinking philosophy, because stone design is forever: the Company is involved in a constant research on how to create smart solutions with minimum material waste and maximum respect for this precious and durable natural resource. Besides, the processing techniques are respectful of people and of the environment, chemicals-free and providing for total wastewater recycling.

An Energy Thinking philosophy, as natural stone and marble coverings also help optimize the energy performance of buildings due to the good thermal properties of the materials.

Use the filters below to browse all the materials we use according to your specific interest and needs.

bianco narciso

bianco cotone

bianco lasa

bianco thassos

onice diana


paon royal

fior di panna

bianco pastello

botticino vaniglia


crema marfil

marana beige

travertino navona

travertino latino

perla dalmata

beige de marell

dhalia cream

ocra sabbia

beige canapa

giallo dorato

silva oro

giallo siena

giallo reale

giallo del doge

giallo valencia

giallo afrodite

travertino etrusco

breccia oniciata

travertino cuoio

venato monaco

giallo toscano

travertino moro


gris pulpis

emperador dark


grigio tundra

portoro gold

mida black

carrara ghiaccio

arabescato vagli

gessato deco

gessato savana

breccia di serravezza

grigio alpi

bardiglio nuvolato

grigio fumo


grigio cenere

rosa dolomiti

lave de france

grigio carnico

gris st pierre

piebald black

nero marquinia

pierre bleue



verde acquamarina

verde giada

verde imperiale

rosa egeo

rosa agata

rosa pastello

arancio di selva

rosa peralba

rosso pastello

rosso alicante

rosso francia

breccia rossa

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