Elitra Designer Marble Table: The Identikit


Name: Elitra, Elitra XL

Top: round or elliptical.

Base: calacatta viola, verde tinos, grand antique, palissandro brown.

Finish: polished, honed





It is the wings,

the hardened forewings of beetles,

that inspired Designer

Raffaello Galiotto in conceiving

our Elitra

designer marble table.

A dining table that stands out for

its statement style

and mechanical feel,

given by brass details that

wisely combine with marble.









The hollow conical base is obtained by

the assembly of three identical

stone elements, designed sequentially

and distinguished by the presence of

two evident edges folded outwards

with softened borders.


The three elements are assembled to each other

by visible brass studs,

while thin metal bars are inserted

between them, further emphasizing

the mechanical feel of the table design.







A marble table with a charming
mechanical feel,
further underscored by the combo
of marble and brass.




Elitra is also proposed

in Elitra XL,

a version with an

elliptical top where

the parts of the base

from three become

four, with two of

them being concave

and the other two convex.

In a play of geometries

and sizes, the marble

components mirror

each other two by two.






The table

shows the DNA

of Lithos Design.


The industrial stone design

has been applied to tables

production, too,

thanks to a marble

processing with close

to zero material wastage

and cutting-edge






Matter: marble, brass and glass




The central theme of

this design is the combination

of different materials.

First, the accurate selection

of marbles for the base,

aimed to foster even more

the preciousness of

the matter. Then, the brass

details adding

a contemporary and

stylish touch to the table.

Last, the glass top

making the design

of the table visible.




A table with a strong personality

thanks to this refined combination

of different materials, emphasizing

matter and design, not forgetting

a final accent of sophisticated aesthetic.




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