The Designer: Raffaello Galiotto

‘My first contact with Lithos Design was in 2006, in the name of sharing an innovative concept of marble working. Together with the company, I embarked on a journey of continuous experimentation and exploration that led me to deepen my knowledge of this extraordinary material, discovering new and fascinating aspects.
If through stratifications and infinite varieties stone is a witness to the genesis of our planet, on the other hand, the way in which man has interpreted it, engraved it, and worked it over the centuries tells us of our ancestors, who left trace of their presence and their time on this material.
Today, in a digital and connected world, we have computerized machinery that lets us carry out innovative projects and processes of the highest precision, opening new horizons in this sector. Technology becomes a tool at our disposal to express contemporaneity.
An unprecedented expressive language is making its way, not entirely dissimilar to the past because even this amazing new story is made up of humanity, creativity, and beauty.’


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