April 27, 2015

Unveiling the new PIETRE INCISE models 2015 | ICFF – NYC, 17-19 May 2015

It is still not time for an official debut in society, yet, but the moment has come for an informal public appearance: our NYC partner High Style Stone & Tile will present among its most exclusive collections some of the new textures by Lithos Design to the audience of architects and designers attending ICFF.

These newborns of our „PIETRE INCISE“ line may be better considered as „children“, rather than „brothers“, of the previous models composing the collection: indeed, since the creation of our first 3D tiles our know-how has evolved constantly,and our technological tools can now work on surfaces in ways that were impossible before.This experience allowed us to produce these five new textures, which are now ready to be displayed in all their surprising, exotic preciousness and receive the first market feedbacks.

ICFF – Javits Center, NYC High Style Stone & Tile Booth #1344 Open May 17th to 19th, 2015


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