März 31, 2017

Students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona visiting Lithos Design

Students from the course „Technology of the new materials” of the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona had the opportunity to visit Lithos Design, on March 28, within their curriculum – tied to traditional and innovative materials and their design and manufacturing – which called for a theoretical lesson and a visit to some companies in the district of Chiampo marble.

In Lithos Design the class firstly attended a brief presentation, held by our Managing director, about several topics: starting from a digression on the cornerstone of our business proposal concepts, that is the use of the material in an innovative way, he focused on an analysis of the reasons at the bottom of our business decisions about which design products to be introduced on the market. And to conclude the seminar, the students went on a tour of our production department presenting them the way we work marble for our design projects.

The boys listened carefully to the words of Alberto Bevilacqua and showed interest in the machinery we normally use for marble working, asking many questions.

A different academic day and we hope it can be useful as a cultural baggage and personal experience.


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