November 6, 2015

Pietre Incise: three of the new textures unveiled

The first iconic collection by Lithos Design will be supplemented with three new models that boost the bewitching enchantment of these claddings, capable of exploring the infinite potential of stone, skilfully interpreted with different décors to the limits of the most sophisticated technological potential.

From the issue of Lithos Design’s new catalogue in 2016, then, the entire collection will comprise seventeen models forged on modular stone tiles, which are machined flat through decorative expressions which add the skill of the processing technique to the company’s profound knowledge of materials and of the impact of light on machined stone.

For this collection update, the company also picked a large number of new materials to revive the charm of all the models in this timeless line and offer designers an exhaustive decorative and colour palette.

Coming out on January 2016 also on our website, with tech specs, description and further images.


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