Mai 12, 2014

OPUS MOTUS will be set in motion again in Paris for the D‘ Days by B‘ bath

BRICKBREAK, the most hypnotic of the rotating marble inlays created by Lithos Design for the OPUS MOTUS project, will be among these.

Movement will be the fascinating inspirational background of all the exhibitions and debates that will occur during the next D‘ Days – the design week taking place in Paris from May 19th to May 25th. In this context, movement stands for progress and represents the fuel of social development; design thus becomes one of its natural results, as constant technological innovation leads further and further afield to create everyday objects in which usage, function and form are harmoniously combined.

The bathroom boutique B‘ bath, in the new Paris Centre exhibition itinerary, is presenting in its showroom a path through different installations dedicated to the theme „Bath in motion“, an initiatic exploration tour in which the bathroom becomes the very place where to restore one’s personal balance, which is strictly connected to movement. Among this fluid ensemble of visual and sound suggestions a place will be destined to Brickbreak, the most hypnotic of the rotating marble inlays with which Lithos Design, through movement, explored new frontiers in using the natural colours of stone, in an innovative and unprecedented way. This experimental project, symbolically named OPUS MOTUS, was created last autumn, and drew the attention of such design webzines and blogs as, and, among others.

Bath in motion
by B’bath, créateur de mouvement

Exhibition starting from May 20th
108 bis rue du cherche-midi – Paris 6e

Cocktail party
Tuesday, May 20th, h 18-23, by invitation only
RSVP: +33 01 53 63 17 00


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