Februar 25, 2015

Milan Design Week 2015 exhibitions: Lithos Design @ DIGITAL LITHIC DESIGN

The exhibition, organized by Marmomacc fair in cooperation with a selected range of manufacturers, will be opened for the Milan Design Week and will continue until after the beginning of Expo 2015. Università degli Studi di Milano, 13th April – 24th May.

The exhibition

The exhibition aims to emphasise the excellence of Italian stone industry, enhancing its special characteristics such as the profound knowledge of the materials and of their processing techniques, as well as an ethic approach to the material itself, to waste control and to energy saving; indeed, this creative and production philosophy have become vital in order to enhance the true value and modern charm of natural stone.

The works

The amazing experimental works created by Raffaello Galiotto, who is both the designer and the curator of the whole exhibition, will foreground some specific aspects of the most advanced manufacturing techniques, masterly applied thanks to the collaboration between outstanding processing companies and manufacturers of avant-garde machinery and technology.

Retina by Lithos Design

Retina will be the name of the work showcased by Lithos Design, a moulded and pierced panel that may function as a decorative partition created by means of diamond-wire cutting. The juxtaposition of undulated and rotated paths automatically brings forth a 3D perforated shaping characterized by a surprising aesthetic lightness, without any handwork and, in addition, containing material waste.

Together with Lithos Design, the following companies will participate in the exhibition: Budri, Decormarmi, Antolini, Omag, Odone Angelo, Intermac.

The exhibition by Interni

Digital Lithic Design will be proposed within the event-exhibition named Energy for Creativity, created by Interni magazine in two breath-taking locations, Brera Botanical Gardens and the University of Milan. The exposition intends to be an experimental place showing several installations in different scales, conceived to generate disciplinary synergies; beside the display of prototypes and models, micro-architectural projects, outdoor and indoor pavillions, video projections and lighting installations, the event will offer performances, themed shows, meetings and conferences.


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