September 5, 2016

Luxury wall cladding always „finishes“ first

Luxury wall cladding always „finishes“ first: from London to Miami, from the Middle East to Paris, from Moscow to the Far East, designers keep making the best out of this texture of ours, which seems to really lend itself to being envisioned in quite outstanding – and sometimes award-winning – design concepts.

Three years ago, the standard black-and-gold version of this sumptuous luxury wall cladding was specified by Casa Forma design firm for the powder room of a private apartment that, in the same year, won the SBID Awards (UK) in the Residential / KBB category, thanks to its refined and precious details and its strong, evenly consistent colour choices.

A few weeks ago, the stunning concept of a male bath recalling the elegance and palette of a classic tuxedo, signed by Lachmee Chin and Kurt Dannwolf of ODP Architecture and Design, has been the Gold winner of the first Awards by Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine (USA) among Powder Rooms. The project features a customized variant of our Luxury model, finished with silver leaf as requested by the designers in order to complete just the perfect match-and-contrast game they needed to give shape to their vision.

The common trait appears to be an essential and linear approach to bathroom furnishing, characterized by clean lines and top-quality details and brands, carefully balanced by a powerful use of bold colors and materials that give strong personality to the setting, and complemented by a smart use of light in order to enhance the overall mood of the room and the visitors‘ experience. A cocktail made of just the right number of ingredients, where hot and soft, sweet and spicy flavours are combined to reach perfection. It is quite a satisfaction today to provide some of these ingredients to so many distinguished design minds, pushing what we hoped to see realized with our productions really beyond expectations.


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