März 3, 2016

Interior stone coverings at Salone Bagno

Lithos Design is going to be back in Milan at the International Bathroom Exhibition in 2016, presenting far more than one innovation: its first newest Cesello interior stone coverings, which can already be browsed online, and the second newest collection, Rilievo, which will be displayed there, in worldwide preview for the international audience of design professionals.

The earliest chance to see first hand the newborn sophistication of these interior stone coverings, to value their cutting-edge processing techniques allowing for a light 3D appeal and, at the same time, for an amazing aesthetic impact, which varies depending on the different interaction of the surface with light and according to the onlookers‘ distance. The earliest chance to do something one simply can’t resist during I Saloni: to touch with one’s own hand.

Come visit us at booth F26 in hall 22, to touch with your own hand and learn all the features that make these claddings the smartest choice for the biggest projects.

Design: Raffaello Galiotto


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